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ARIETE VINTAGE GOGGLE,Brown leather,Chrome frame, Fume lens

Leveringtid: 1-5 dager
Italiensk kvalitet. Håndsydde Vintage lærbriller fra Ariete i samarbeide med Nannini.
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Ariete Vintage goggles for road use are an Italian product designed and made in cooperation with Nannini Italian Quality Srl, a legendary company famous for leather-framed motorcycle goggles.Their well-established tradition of quality combines modern technology in the production of frame and lens with highly specialized hand finishing of the sewn leather and metal components.

The result is a product in perfect retro style, but in tune with the modern preference for natural materials. Nannini is a natural partner for Ariete, and these goggles display the same attention to detail and choice of high quality materials as the existing Ariete product range.

The frames are made of chromium-plated steel, with side venting for comfort. The inner surface of the goggles is made from hand-sewn natural leather for unmatched comfort, while the suede outer surface has been specially treated to provide enhanced weatherproofing.
The cylindrical lenses provide perfect visibility and total protection from UV rays. They have anti-fog treatment on the inside surface.
The headband has a double buckle for easy adjustment, and a non-slip silicone band on the inside to keep it in place on the rider's helmet.

Enjoy your riding with Ariete Vintage goggles!